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Military ethics and the ethics of war and peace are a broad and diverse interdisciplinary field of applied ethics, concerned with questions of military conduct in war and peace, relations between military, state and society and the legitimacy of war and killing in war. Therefore it considers research results of various academic disciplines including philosophical and theological ethics, political science, sociology, history, social science, moral psychology and international law. This blog aims for making a small contribution to this broad and immensely fascinating field in an accessible way by providing post on newsworthy topics and ongoing debates in international and German military ethics, reviews of relevant books and short notices on upcoming events or interesting post on other blogs.

The blog is open for guest posts and the author is thankful for any contribution or feedback.

The author

My interest in military ethics and my approach to the field is mainly influenced by three biographical aspects:
Firstly, until 2005 I served for four years in the German Navy including one deployment to the Horn of Africa as part of the Operation Enduring Freedom. Today I’m part of the German Armed Forces General Reserve and an member in the Union of Bundeswehr Reservists e.V.
Secondly, my law and business studies with a major in international commercial law in Germany and South Africa and my experiences of living and extensive traveling in Southern Africa encouraged my interests in international relations, development aid and cooperation, and international law.
The third aspect are my ongoing studies in Theology, Philosophy and Public International Law at the University of Bonn and my work as a research assistant at the Seminary of Christian Social Ethics.